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About Us

Our Mission

The Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel are women responding to the call to live in community according to the Gospel and the Rule of St. Benedict. Together we seek God in a balanced life of prayer and work, simplicity, hospitality, and service. While our vow of stability leads us to a special care for the people of the local area, we are deeply conscious of sharing the universal mission of the Church.


We take three vows at the time of profession:


  • Stability, a lifelong commitment to this particular community of women;


  • Fidelity to Monastic Life, a promise to seek God by embracing the pattern of living inspired by the Rule of Benedict; and


  • Obedience, a commitment to attentive listening, discernment and response to the will of God.

Land Use Philosophy

Through the centuries, Benedictines have cherished the land, both for its provision of food and for the aesthetic value for contemplation, leisure, and union with the Creator.


As Benedictine Sisters, we believe the land is the gift of a loving God; a gift to be held in sacred trust.  In our history, it has even provided clay for the bricks of our building.


In our time, we see environmental destruction; problems that “are spiraling toward catastrophic consequences” (“Of All Good Gifts”).  Therefore, we commit ourselves:


  • to live in such a way as to give witness to our love of the earth


  • to do nothing detrimental, but to restore and improve the land, encouraging a rich variety of vegetation


  • to respect the habitat of wild creatures


  • to protect our rural setting and to continue to be responsible and practical in producing revenue


  • to cooperate with local civic communities for planned growth and development to prevent urban sprawl


  • to advocate for environmentally sound laws and policies


  • to build a base from which to reach out to others and to provide an “island” for those who come seeking peace and beauty.


Approved by the Monastic Chapter

December 10, 2000

Queen of Angels Monastery

Mt. Angel, Oregon


“(In) a community with a contemplative vision – its members (are) impelled to preserve, cherish and nurture all that is touched by the Creator’s hand.”


“Of All Good Gifts”  (A Statement on the Nature of Stewardship in the Lives of American Benedictine Sisters by the Conference American Benedictine Prioresses)

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