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Visio Divina

Come with us on this brisk, clear-blue autumn day. Let us walk slowly and prayerfully in this colorful season of rich oranges, mauves and yellows. The world holds so much for us to see and hear. Let us stop often, listen, and admire the beauty that is before us. Let us listen carefully with our whole being. The earth is talking to us in the rustling autumn leaves, in the distant honking of geese and ducks overhead, in the song of frogs croaking in the evening, and in the clear night of stars. The earth is getting ready for the new season of winter, slowly folding itself into letting go and making space for the new. In this letting-go season, God speaks to us of His everlasting love and abiding, in the midst of a changing world.


Reflect on this quote: "Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go." - Unknown

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