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Support the Sisters


Where Every Gift Makes A Big Impact

The community of Benedictine Sisters at Queen of Angels Monastery have dedicated their life to prayer, work, and service by living according to the 1500-year-old Rule of St. Benedict.  Since their arrival in Oregon in 1882, the Sister have been teachers and artisans.  They founded a nursing home, homeless shelter, and retreat center.

Although many of the Sisters are now retired, they continue to need your support.  By donating to the Sisters, their Retirement Fund, or the Monastery, you are helping support a community that has spent 139 years serving others.

Cash or Check

Give a one-time gift of cash or check directly to the Benedictine Sisters.

Monthly Gifts

Easy, one-time set up with multiple options available.  You control all the details.

Online Gifts

Make an online donation right now using any major debit or credit card.

Estate Gifts

Remember the Sisters in your will with gifts from your estate or trust.

Other Ways to Give

IRA Charitable Rollover and Meaningful Giving

For all of our friends who are at least 70½ years old, you can direct any amount of money, up to $100,00, tax free from your IRA to the Benedictine Sisters of Mt. Angel.  This gift would greatly impact the continuing care of our Sisters and their ministries.  Completing an IRA Charitable Rollover is very simple, and it's a smart and cost-effective way to make a major difference in the lives of the Sisters.  It could also relieve your heirs of burdensome distribution and taxation rules.  Contact the Development Office to learn more on IRA Charitable Rollovers.

Gift of Real Estate

By including the Benedictine Sister of Mt. Angel in your will (for a certain amount, a percentage of your estate, or a share of the residue), you can make a future gift to help support the work of the Benedictine Sisters. A bequest commitment allows you to defer a gift until after your lifetime, but gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you will be supporting a great organization and helping those in need through your will.

Gift of Life Insurance

Life insurance is something you can give at little cost to yourself. Contribute a life insurance policy you no longer need, and/or name us as a beneficiary. You receive a current income tax deduction and possible future deductions through gifts to pay policy premiums.

Gift of Retained Life Estate

You can make a charitable gift of your personal residence or farm but continue to live there. This change in ownership with retained occupancy provides a valuable charitable tax deduction and ensures lifetime use of the residence or property.

Contact Our Mission

Advancement Office

Please contact our Mission Advancement Office if you have any questions regarding gifts, donations, planned giving, or volunteering.

Michael F. Trevino

Director of Mission Advancement

(503) 845-2556

Sister Dorothy Jean Beyer

Development Coordinator

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