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Support Our Century Club Campaign

Dear Friends,

     As we begin our 136th year as a monastic community, we are truly humbled by the friendship, love and support you have given us as we have made our way along this journey.  Through all of the twists and turns, hills and valleys, you have remained by our side.  For that, we are eternally grateful.

     Over the past 136 years, we have seen the world change. Through all of this change, one thing has remained constant - our permanent and perpetual commitment to the Benedictine monastic tradition.  A tradition that started over 1,500 years ago by St. Benedict.  We have spent each day seeking God in our ordinary lives through prayer, silence, and work.

     When we joined Queen of Angels Monastery, we each made a monastic profession - a promise to God.  We made a promise to serve the Lord and to help all of God’s people.  Over the years, this promise has taken many forms.  When His children needed teachers, we taught.  When His elderly, sick and dying needed comfort, we opened a nursing center focused on compassion.  When His homeless and hungry needed food and shelter, we provided them a home.  When His people sought peace and spiritual renewal, we started a retreat center.

     Today our ministries focus on hospitality, prayer and sharing monastic spirituality with others. Every month, our monastery welcomes visitors, retreatants, guests, friends and family.  We provide a place of reflection, solitude, silence and spiritual refreshment.  During these times of turbulence and turmoil, we offer a place of peace to all those who seek it.

     Our 136-year-old mission has been sustained by the kindness and support of people like you.  To ensure our mission continues, we continue to ask for your help.  Once a year, we hold our Century Club appeal.  This year, we hope to raise $50,000 for Queen of Angels Monastery.

We prayerfully and humbly ask you to support our Century Club appeal. Your gift will go directly towards strengthening and preserving our monastic way of life

We appreciate and welcome gifts of any amount. Donations of $136 ($1 for each year of our history) are especially welcome.  We pray that you and your loved ones are blessed with the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit during this beautiful season of Pentecost.

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