Retreats at the Monastery

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Offering Solitude, Silence & Reflection

Private, Day and Private Directed Retreats available for guests who have been fully vaccinated.


A monastery is a perfect place for solitude, silence, reflection, and spiritual renewal.

We invite you to come to our monastery, Queen of Angels, in  Mt. Angel, Oregon. Come, seek peace, pray, be still, reflect on your life and your journey with God. Enjoy our spacious grounds and comfortable rooms. Come, pray with us, at Liturgy of the Hours and Mass.  Take time to read, pray and reflect in our beautiful chapel or in one of our lovely gardens. We look forward to welcoming you in the Benedictine tradition, that all guests are received as Christ.  We welcome people of all faiths, seeking God and peace.

Group Retreats


Shalom at the Monastery Sponsored Retreats


The Benedictine Sisters sponsor a number of retreats throughout the year.  Be sure to visit the calendar of retreats on our website here or come by and pick up the latest copy of the retreat schedule.


Private Group Retreats hosted by the Benedictine Sisters


The Benedictine Sisters have beautiful, spacious rooms for hosting meetings, workshops, or retreats for small and large faith-based groups and churches.  We can provide delicious meals and quiet, comfortable overnight accommodations as well. Please call 503 845-2556 for more information.

Church & Non-profit Group Retreats

Church and non-profit group retreats:  Contact Sister Dorothy Jean Beyer 503 991-9299 or regarding future retreat scheduling and openings.  If you have a scheduled retreat on our calendar, contact Sister Dorothy Jean for updates about the possibility of holding the retreat as scheduled.

Individual Retreats

Private Retreats are self guided and are generally two or three days, but can be an overnight stay.  Spacious grounds and comfortable rooms provide solitude for rest, reading, prayer, quiet, and reflection.  We invite you to worship with the monastic community in the daily Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours.


Contact Sr. Rebecca Pirkl at (503) 949-4935

Private Directed Retreats are private retreats with one important addition - regular one-to-one conversation with a spiritual director.  A director facilitates your reflection, in faith,  on your life experiences in relation to God, yourself, and others.  The purpose is to gain increased self-knowledge and attentiveness to God's voice in your everyday life.


Contact Sr. Joan Pokorny at (503) 949-6284

Day Retreats allow you to enjoy a day at the Monastery by spending quiet time in prayer, lectio, walking the beautiful grounds, reading, resting, or by praying the Liturgy of the Hours with the Benedictine Sisters. Spiritual Direction is also available during your visit (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.).

​Contact Sr. Rebecca Pirkl to reserve a room - (503) 949-4935

Contact Sr. Joan Pokorny (503-949-6284) or Sr. Dorothy Jean Beyer (503-991-9299) to schedule a Spiritual Direction appointment.

Things to do while you are on retreat at Shalom at the Monastery

  1. Visit the Queen of Angels Chapel with its award-winning architecture designed by J. David Richen of Portland.  Pray with the Benedictine Sisters, or come for private prayer and reflection, or enjoy the stillness and beauty of the inner space and the view of the outdoors.  See the two icons (The Transfiguration and The Protective Veil of the Mother of God) written by the Iconographic Art Institute.

  2. Walk the spacious grounds of flower gardens and orchards, the labyrinth, the Stations of the Cross, and the Sisters cemetery.

  3. Walk around the towering Sequoia and look up to see the beauty of the tree and sky.

  4. Take time to write in your journal.

  5. Visit the Monastery Gift Shop, filled with religious articles and handmade items by the Sisters.

  6. View the video of St. Benedict, The Monk, produced by Bishop Robert Barron.

  7. Learn some of monastery history by reading excerpts from “A Tree Rooted in Faith,” by Sister Alberta Dieker, OSB.

  8. Take a spiritual walk with one of the Benedictine Sisters to learn about the monastery history and spirituality.  (by appointment)

  9. Have a conversation with a spiritual director.  (by appointment)

  10. Fast from your phone and computer.