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July 19, 2020 - 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Lord, you are good and forgiving.”

Psalm 86


Book of Wisdom 12:13, 16-19

Letter of Paul to the Romans 8:26-27

Gospel According to Matthew 13:24-43


by Sister Jane Hibbard, SNJM

God has us covered. This is the sixteenth Sunday in ordinary time, but there are some extraordinary blessings and promises from God in the readings for this Sunday.

From Romans: “When we don’t know how to pray the Spirit intercedes for us and prays for us in ways that we cannot imagine.” From Psalm 86, the response to the reading: “Our God is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in kindness and fidelity;” and a further paraphrase of Psalm 86: “You, God, all merciful and gracious; ready to forgive and ever abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” (Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill).

The gospel is rich with the promise in parables. Knowing that God has us covered every day in every way, our task is to nurture the seeds, roots, and growth of the events in our lives and let God do the rest. As we watch the drama of daily life unfold, there is plenty to bring to the time of our prayer. We are called to stay at attention and awareness so God can use us for peace and reconciliation.

Trust and believe that God has us covered!!

From the Rule of St. Benedict

“All this the Lord will by the Holy Spirit graciously manifest in all of us,

as we are now freed from self-preoccupation.” RB 7:70

Gospel Acclamation

“Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth;

you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom.”

Cf. Matthew 11:25


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